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Here are a set of links to various sites of interest to do with LARP or even just sites we thought were of interest.

Please don't be offended if you site is'nt here, just contact us about it and we'll get it in the list as fast as a Hobbit running to the dinner table.

Likewise, if you know of any sites that may be of use or interest please tell us. You can email us here.

LARP Systems & Companies

Large Events

Curious Pastimes run various events during the year the main one being Renewal.
Lorien Trust also run various events during the year the main one being The Gathering.

Personal Involvement (Shameless self promotion)

Mayfest is a non-profit co-operative that runs an event in May called Mayfest.

Other Systems/Companies

Dumnonni Chronicles is a live role-play group that bases its games on Celtic / dark ages mythology tradition in Devon
  Dragon Lore LARP Dragon Lore is a live roleplaying club based near the east coast of England.
Forevers Destiny Forever's Destiny is a live roleplaying club based in the North-West of England. They organise live roleplaying events throughout the year at a number of sites.
Heroquest Live Roleplaying Heroquest run many small events across the country. Please look in at thier site for further details.
Heroes and Heroines Heroes and Heroines is a non-profit making live fantasy role play club. They are based in Staffordshire but run adventures throughout the midlands and Welsh border areas.
  Forge of Lein Home of Rattlebox Theatre in character entertainers, also makes Weapons (and latex props, etc.)
Maelstrom Maelstrom AKA Profound Decisions is a professional live role-playing company based in Preston
Nightmares inc Nightmares Inc is a live action role play club that specialises in sci-fi, horror and post apocalyptic games blending lrp with airsoft guns as well as non airsoft events.
SpearHead LRP Spearhead LRP run LRP adventures within a high fantasy campaign. The club is based to the South of London and operates from a forest site close to Guildford.
Shards Shards is a Live Role Playing system set on several worlds (each called a Shard) that are linked together by Portals. They are based in Derbyshire.
Tol Galen Heroes Live Action Role Play club in Guernsey.
Whispered Tales Whispered Tales: Min Hiraith is a high fantasy live role playing (LRP) system. We specialise in fully interactive weekend scenario’s. Our events are primarily based in the South of England.
Outside UK
Burning Nights Burning Nights is a Vampire LARP, it is a combination of Requium rules with Masquerade politics and clans. They are based in Tucson, Arizona, USA.
Midnight Crossroads Midnight Crossroads is a Larp group based in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) who do LARP based on Vampire the Requiem, Mage the Awakening, and Werewolf the Forsaken.
ShadowRealms Fantasy LARP which runs events thoughout the year, mysteries and sword play abound. Located just 15 minutes north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

LARP Sites of Interest

UK Live Action Roleplay Forum
The LARPY Awards USA Site about an Awards Night (like the Oscars) for LARP Costumes/Ideas/Happenings etc - happening 29th April 2006
USA based list of Larp Games going on around the World

LARP And Roleplay Conventions

Convention for Live Action Roleplay and General Roleplay
Convention for Roleplay, Boardgames, Collectables & LARP

Links we like

General fan site for Mayfest
Maker of Props and Costumes - Jonathon Hayes AKA Trog
Mayfest need never end with Neverwinter Nights and inspired madness
Mayfest goes on with this new site dedicated to all things Mayfest on computers