Rattlebox Theatre & Forge of Lein


Rattlebox Theatre

Specialise in puppetry for TV screen and festivals. {Puppeteered in 14 episodes of TV series "Cawl Potsh" for S4C. Operates Jetsum the Seagull puppet on Carlton TV's "Birthday People"}




Rattlebox Theatre Proudly Present: Peasants Revolt

3 players, 7 teeth & 1 cart -

Peasants Revolt Loudly Present: "The Man Who Had No Luck"

Turbot of Honiton is a man with a mission - to discover how to find luck that always seems to pass him by! Going on an epic quest (starting in Honiton), to the End of the World, he meets a variety of characters that teach him the true nature of luck. With audience participation, madcap performances and humourous puppets, "The Man Who Had No Luck" is anarchic (and Archaic) entertainmenrt for young and old.

The Company .... Ingredients: Take one cart filled with puppets and props, three itinerant Medieval Players with serious dental issues, add a 'Gadzooks' and a large dollop of laughter for good measure, mix with a large unhygenic wooden spoon and you have Peasants Revolt

Players: Sir Thomas Clinker, Sir Leonard De Nimoy and Trago of Mille

Ring 07946 707 537


Forge of Lein

Makers of quality latex weaponry, armour, leatherwork and props - specialising in historical and fantasy.

Ring Dave Oliver on 01392 215 441 or mobile: 07946 707 537

Forge of Lein, 24 Holland Road, Saint Thomas, Exeter, EX2 9BX