Costume Links

Here are a set of links to suppliers of LRP gear like costumes, weapons and other props.

The Site Usefullness Column: If you use any of the sites listed here, please let me know and tell us, briefly, what you thought of it. You can email us here.

Likewise, if you know of any suppliers that may be of use please tell us.

Supplier Link
Site Rating/Comment
Adventurers Mart All Manchester  
Ben Loder Leather Armour Leather Armour and Costume Accessories Devon
Caliver Books As well as books, these sell a number of live role play accessories Essex Were selling decent stuff at reasonable prices at Renewal
Darkblade Armour, LRP Costumes and Accessories Manchester
Forge of Lein Weapons (and latex props, etc.) Exeter Dave makes weapons to your specifications. He made Yorath's sword which is over 10 years old and only repaired once!
Incognito Outfits Also known as Faerie Tales and is a general fancy dress/costume shop Essex  
Kapalo A Kovacs Weapons and Shields Manchester
Loc Zero Latex weapons and Live Role Play Accessories Herts Were selling decent stuff at reasonable prices at Renewal
LRP Store All Chichester 3 recommendations.