Referee Calls


All LARP systems have to deal with problems ranging from injured people to magic happening (its very hard to have strange monsters and objects appear or magicians teleporting about without destroying the 'surprise factor'), as a result Referee Calls (or just Ref Calls) were created to help manage large groups of people and situations. Basically when a referee shouts something people should listen and do it if its relevant to them.

However this can slow some situations down so fast calls came into being to allow for this, we present here a short list of what to do when you hear a ref (or in some cases a player) shout.

First a couple of Safety Calls!

These two calls can be made by anyone (Ref or Player) and ignoring them is not only foolish but dangerous.


An important safety call made when a person is hurt or a person is very likely to get hurt. When this call is heard EVERYONE should stop and see who/where the incident is, if it is nearby you should stay stopped while the person is helped. If the person or incident is a reasonable distance away and/or not too serious play continues BUT keep an ear out for further information from Refs. If a serious problem has occured in all likelyhood you will shortly after hear a call of 'Time Out' (see below).

While not as important as 'Man Down' this call comes a close second. Not everyone is covered by thick armour or is able to take thumping blows, if someone says or shouts this at you it means they feel you are hitting too hard. This is not a insult or a whine LARP is not reality therefore there is no need to strike a person with anything but a light tap, the only thing that matters is that the people fighting acknowledge the hit (see 'Take your hits' on the glossary page)


What happens when a ref shouts....


This call declares the live action roleplay to have begun, at this point all players should be pretending to be their characters. This call is usually given at the start of the event and later if the event or area of the event is stopped for some reason (like someone being injured or 'Time Freeze' being called).

'TIME OUT' This call declares the live action roleplay to have stopped, at this point all players should no longer be pretending to be their characters.

This call declares to the players they should stop and close their eyes (sometimes it is encoraged to hum, whistle, sing/talk quietly to prevent players getting too good an idea of things happening around them) at this point basically the game has stopped and some 'surprise event' has occured, usually some monsters appearing either from a spell or from being 'hidden' somewhere.

While it is prefered for players to follow this rule fully, it is not vital people close their eyes, what is vital though is when 'Time In' is called you act realistically to the event thats happened, all to often people will look at the monster/s being brought in and draw swords or get into a defensive position facing the creature before 'Time In' is called.