Props are those little things that help suspend disbelief. Furniture, bottles, goblets, chests and boxes, barrels, candles, lamps and lanterns are all props. Flags and banners are also props. Here we will be giving tips on how to make them.

Before we do though, many props do not have to be made but can be found or bought. Wooden utensils, plates, bowls and dishes are ideal, for example. Why? They look in character and are more hardy than pottery ones. Metal goblets and tankards can be bought from loads of places - below is a tip to make them 'silver' or 'gold.' Non fancy white or yellow candles for everyday use and the right decorative ones in the right setting (temples, evil cave systems, etc.). Besom brooms. Rush or rag mats/rugs. Old sacking. All of these can be found and used. If bought they are relatively cheap.

So keep eyes open. Look in charity shops, boot and garage sales, church fetes, skips (I do not know what they are called in other countries) and anywhere humanity is likely to deposit junk!

Gold or Silver Goblets

If you want to make gold or silver goblets, all you need is some crap metal goblets (available at most Salvation Army/Consignment/Antique shops) and a package kit of metal leaf paper (available at most craft stores). The paper come in kits of gold, silver or copper. It’s pretty easy (if you can read, you can do it) and fairly cheap. I did it to all my metal goblets and cost me $20 total. If you want ot do a large amount, or a large item, I would suggest forgoing the kit and buying the paper, glue, primer and sealer separately.

Amy C. Heiderscheidt
(Amy lives in Virginia)

There are many ways and many things that can be used. If you think of any then please contact us and let us know. The more of these ideas we share the better for everybody.