Costume helps live role players look the part. Some costumes are elaborate and some very simple. Both players and monsters have costumes but it is the players costumes we concentrate upon here.

If a player has a non-human character then their costume will be likely to include things like masks, pointed ears, horns, fangs, a tail and so on depending upon what the character is. Most of these can be bought in costume shops or, in some cases, joke shops. Dealers specialising in live role play gear also sell them and they often have stalls at live role play festivals or conventions.

Common materials for costumes include fur or leather. Apart from buying these from suppliers selling fur or leather there are other possible sources. Charity shops and second hand shops are a popular hunting ground for these. They often have fur and leather coats at very low prices. Simulated fur is acceptable (generally preferred by many) and there are quite a few stores in London that sell off cuts of these and so it is likely that there are such stores elsewhere. Remember that it is the raw material one is after. This means that when buying second hand items, big is better. Once you get them home, carefully unpick them. Even small pieces can be used to decorate or make accessories with.

As people send in 'small' tips, they will be added here. Larger items (anyone?) will be given pages of their own.


Period Shirt

A standard white button down can be changed into a period shirt by removing the buttons and putting button holes in their place. Make sure to reinforce the new holes by sewing around the inside (use the existing button holes as examples. After putting the shirt on, run leather cord (or ribbon, if you’re the frilly type) and tighten to desired chest showing.

Amy C. Heiderscheidt

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