Welcome to LarpWeb!

The object of this site is twofold; to inform people about Live Action Role Play and to provide a service for those that enjoy and service the hobby.

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? A hero who saves the world? A detective who solves amazing murders? A ghost hunter who deals with hauntings? A Vampire? A Roman soldier? A Celtic warrior? A Native American Indian? A mighty mage? An Elf? A spy? A space marine? The Live Action Role Play hobby gives you the chance to be any of these and more!

In the picture above you can see many different types of character. These people have got together for a Live Adventure Role Play festival. Notice the 'Adventure' instead of 'Action' there? Adventure role play is just one of the many types of L.A.R.P. that folk can enjoy. (The picture was taken at the Mayfest of 1999)

Live role play is derived from the table top roleplay games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Although we run our own fantasy sytem, this site is not limited to just that but is servicing all types of systems. If you want to learn more of the different types, head over to the links section.

How are we providing a service? In three ways so far; Our 'how to' sections are there to help the player prepare for an event and enjoy it more when they go on it, many links are provided to other sites, some not even specialising in larp items but of use to the larper, and for those involved in servicing the hobbey but who have no web page we will host a small site.

Any organisation involved in the hobby or servicing the hobby in any way may contact us. All we ask is that you have appropriate permissions to run an event (including insurance - it's only sensible) and we will happily list you on our site.